About Us

We are world renowned for being specialists in reality based self defence training. Unlike most Martial Arts classes we concentrate on effective self defence & personal safety skills. We run anti-bullying skills for children and teach positive life skills.

A lot of classes claim to teach โ€˜anti bullyingโ€™ but in reality we are unique in that we ACTUALLY teach anti bullying skills as part of our programmes!

The BEST Defence was founded by Mark Davies. He is one of the countries most experienced & qualified instructors, with almost 4 decades of Martial Arts training.

He is the founder of Tactical Edge, a Combatives system taught across the UK & Europe, & used by an element of UK Special Forces, with whom Mark is an instructor.

As well as being the founder of his own system Mark is the only Instructor in Europe certified as a Combat Technologies Instructor by the legendary James A Keating in the USA.

He holds multiple Black Belt & Instructors credentials, including being a 5th Degree Black Belt in ITF TaeKwon-Do, & an Instructor of Filipino Kali & Silat.