Our Classes

Ninja Skool – Martial Arts &

life skills for children 4 – 6 years old.

These classes teach positive life

skills along with personal safety, self

defence, & mental & physical fitness.


Junior Combat Club – Children aged 7+

These classes are designed to teach

self defence skills. They provide fun, fitness

& personal development.


Junior Kickboxing – Children aged 7+

These classes specialise in fitness, fun,

self defence & combat sports.


Adults & Teens Tactical Edge

A unique & exciting reality-based self

defence & personal development class.

It also encourages physical and

mental fitness. A unique & non-traditional

program created by Master At Arms

Mark Davies.


Adults & Teens Kick Boxing

These classes are exciting

combat sports training.

They provide a challenging

and fun way to get & stay



Adults & Teens TaeKwon-Do

A traditional martial art class

that will give you self defence

skills, all-round fitness & self

development. Taught by

Mr David Finch & Mr Mike Duff.

Both 1st degree.